Hockey in Austria

Do you want to play hockey in Austria?

The first steps are usually the hardest, especially in a foreign country. Whether you’re in Austria to study, or whether you’re staying for longer – social interaction and sports are important. If you are interested in playing your beloved sport in Austria, just contact us, the Austrian Hockey Federation, at, and we’ll help you find a club near you.

Our partner helps you with your move to Vienna and the steps you need to take in order to make Vienna your new home!

„We are living what society calls for!“

Timo Weß, German winner of the Olympic Hockey Tournament


Hockey is a challenging sport for both body and mind. Players are athletic and show great skill on the ball and understanding of the game. Hockey is a fast-paced, innovative and tactically diverse sport, which is why it never gets boring.


In October 2018 the Austrian Youth National Team Women will participate in the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina.
The girls qualified at the HockeyG European Championship 2017 for this great event.

Hockey Community. Worldwide.


Hockey is a family sport, forming not only a country-wide, but a world-wide network. From grandparents to their grandchildren, everyone has a place in Hockey.


Hockey is not only a sport, but a keystone for life. Many successful public figures have roots in Hockey. Through our cooperation with schools and the resulting dual educational system of school and sports, hockey and education go hand in hand. Thus it was not surprising that 90% of the squad for the Indoor World Cup in 2018 were students or university graduates.  We are proud of the many players who take their sporting success and continue it in their professional lives.


Hockey currently is the most successful Olympic team sport in Austria. Austria’s men won the European Indoor Championship in 2010 and reconfirmed this high level of playing at the 2011 Indoor World Cup and the 2012 European Indoor Championship, winning the bronze medal at both tournaments. Our Ladies’ Team good results at various international tournaments were rewarded with a place at the Olympic Qualifier in Japan. Furthermore, our commitment to our youth development work becomes evident in the good rankings of all age groups at the European Championships.


Hockey is a great sport for boys and girl, starting at an early age. Nearly every club offers training for children of all ages, where the focus is laid on fun, play and moving together, combined with learning the technical skills of hockey. This way, even the youngest ones experience friendship and learn to work as a team and respect each other.

Hockey. For all Ages.