Den Bosch Erasmus+

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The Austrian Hockey is proud to announce cooperation with the Czech and Polish federation on a program called: "Best Practice Sharing of Innovative and Disruptive Field Hockey Skills".
Six trainers from the above 3 countries will visit HC Den Bosch (Netherlands) during 2019 and 2020 to learn from Dutch experts about all aspects of hockey and will share this information with the trainers when coming back. The first visit takes place in April after which more information will be shared on the next steps.

To make sure we get the best of all worlds also the EHF and the KNHB (Dutch Hockey Federation) have committed to join this program.

We're looking forward to team up with HC Den Bosch on this exciting program and we're proud that this has been made possible with the help of funding from the European Erasmus+ program which is supporting the exchange of European values.